It was a lie.

And you took her out to blue grass without thinking to ask me.

I thought you agreed we would be doing polyamory, whatever that means.

Meanwhile, I was engaged to non-consensual. Oh, when you forget you’re a human being.

We all just want babies, but someone down the line told us that was a lie.

Fuck it forever, until you die.

People around us were getting tattoos on their butts, killing their souls with pain and ink.

A shallow way of reminding them they’re nothing.

I’m dead before karma crosses your mind.

I guess I loved you to feel alive.

It’s alright with me. Then I asked you to not sleep with my friends.

Outright, defied, slept with one of the bitches.

I tell you forever, I’m over the hoes. I’m asking you to stop.

Oh, it’s a free country. I fucking forgot.

My morals raped by yours.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this story. It’s been picking at my mind.

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