October 27th, 2019

I had a dream last night. I was in a park with Marcus and he was hiding something useful of his in a little crater thing. Night before that I had a dream of seeing Lika at an event.

I’m at Misha’s grandma’s house and it’s so nice here. Weed is for sure demon facing. I don’t know why I’m all about smoking it. I’ve been so judge mental. It’s crazy these thoughts, I wonder if they’re exhaustible or will be with me my whole life. Good to know though that they do just come and go and are not total. Ha, what a trip. When they do become reality that is not good.

So thankful for my friends. They’re just as slippery as me. And it’s true they can give pointers, but really it’s all on me and it’s a beautiful thing. All from within, I am truly in love with my friends.

I hope this week is welcomed. With a smile, so big. God is good, God is good. So thankful.

Reading the Jewish bible is so nice. I had no idea Misha was so well read on theology. Amazing. I feel a bit silly giving her a book to read. She has so many, I want to ask her about forgiveness. We are all so different. Mish is amazing. “Pray with us,” she said. Mish is carrying Buddha with her. So many things. So many to see, read hear. At the end it’s all thought. Interesting how it plays out onto the physical. Is it worth theorizing so much, taking the time to? I would like to be part of a church where all we discuss is God. I love.

My excavation has been weird the past couple of days. Different. There are plenty of cheetahs around Misha’s grandma’s house. Good omen, good omen indeed. I love the Japanese doors. And the colors. I feel like my hair smells like onions.

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