Dear Magenta,

You have no idea for how sorry I feel for my mom. I ❤ her to death and the fact that she ended up with an ass of a husband blows my mind. I mean, I would sacrifice my life for someone as amazing as her and if it would make her happy. I’m positive she had huge dreams like me but she never was dedicated enough to accomplish them. I really hope one day when I get rich, I can buy her everything she always wanted to have. And I really hope my goals will be accomplished as soon as possible. I don’t want my mom to die alone too. I want her to find her true love as soon as possible so she will be happy. I want this to happen right after mommy and daddy divorce does she will be happy as soon as possible. This is strange cause I don’t look up to her but I love her with all my heart. The person who I do look up to is Dahlia. I hope God will make the reality show happen before I graduate so I will be rich (kinda) and famous. That will boost my modeling career. But I WANT to show Dahlia and the WORLD the real me, the way I am with my friends, I WANT to be more self confident so I can accomplish ALL the things I wanna accomplish. Magenta, I ❤ you. God, I ❤ you.

❤ Me

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