Dear God and Magenta,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I don’t have an idea how to surprise Mommy so, since Mommy bought a lottery ticket, I was wondering if you, God, can make us win as a Mother’s day present! PLEASE! You have no idea how happy Mommy will be! I mean, if we win the lottery and our lives get ruined relationship wise, forget it. But if not, PLEASE GOD, make us win tonight, you have no idea much much I will and Mommy will appreciate it. And if we do win, I ask you to keep up smart so we can invest the money (some of it) and still be making money non-stop. PLEASE! Then hopefully I can start modeling and accomplish my goals. PLEASE God! I really want this to happen.

Magenta, I love you. God, I love you.

Love, Me

PS. I have a feeling we’re gonna win!



Dear Magenta,

I WANT to be like Beyoncé! I love her. I love how she is a positive influence on girls like me and that’s exactly how I want to be! I want to be a mix of Queen Rania and Beyoncé. I love both of them. I wanna be famous so when I step in the room to help people, they’ll look at me and be like “OMG, it’s her!” God PLEASE let that happen. I actually have a feeling that I will be famous when I grow up and rich BTW, but I don’t know if I’ll be a positive influence. I really hope I will be. I hope God will give me plenty of opportunities to accomplish that and I hope I will.

Magenta, I love you. God, I love you!

Love me.